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Penguin (2020) Malayalam

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Penguin Malayalam Full Movie Watch Online 123movies,In Penguin, Keerthy Suresh plays a mother willing to move heaven and earth to secure the life of her only child.  

Adhyarathri 2019 HD 720p

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Adhyarathri 2019 Full Movie watch Online 123movies, Synopsis - Manoharan is the last word for the villagers of Mullakkara. The marriage broker has been finding ideal match for youth in his village for 22 years. Wil...

Ottakoru Kaamukan 2018

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Ottakoru Kaamukan Full Movie Watch Online 123movies, When a vengeful lover goes out seeking his revenge. It takes the audience through a fascinating ride of romantic sequences and relationships of families. Directors...

Abrahaminte Santhathikal 2018

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Abrahaminte Santhathikal Full Movie Watch Online 123movies, Synopsis - The poster features a suspended blood-stained hand with a chain that has a cross shaped pendant on it. On either side of the hand are Mammootty...

Thelivu (2019)

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Thelivu Full Movie Watch Online 123movies, Malayalam Movie about Gauri accidentally kills a wealthy businessman to stop him from molesting a little girl. When his minions chase after and her husband, they must hide un...

Chila NewGen Nattu Visheshangal 2019

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Chila NewGen Nattu Visheshangal Full Movie Watch Online 123movies,Vinayan, a hardworking orphan, falls in love with Meenaxi, as he struggles to establish his identity. However, his life changes dramatically when Meena...

Uriyadi 2020

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Uriyadi 2020 Malayalam Movie Watch Online 123movies,Movie revolves around the annual Onam celebration, happening in a police residential quarter. It offers a unique sneak peek into the everyday life's of police person...

Rameshan Oru Peralla 2019

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Rameshan Oru Peralla Full Movie Watch Online 123movies,Rameshan is a kind man who never backs out when a fellow human being is in need of help. On the day he begins his new career as a taxi driver, a group of college ...

Kinavalli 2018

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Kinavalli Full Movie Watch Online 123movies, this film story about Vivek is celebrating his wedding anniversary with his wife Ann, who decides to invite four of his friends to surprise her husband. But, their celebrat...

Comali 2019

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Comali Malayalam Movie watch Online 123movies, Comali Full Movie Download,Ravi awakens from a prolonged coma to learn that he is in his 30s and has missed 16 years of his life. Soon, he struggles to cope with the mode...

Manoharam 2019

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Manoharam 2019 Watch Online Full Movie Free HD 720p, Watch New Movie for Free in HD quality Super Fast Streaming Servers without Account, Story : Manoharan is a poster artist struggling to find respect for hi...

Asuran 2019

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  Asuran Malayalam Watch Online Free, Asuran Malayalam Full movie Online 123movies, Synopsis - The teenage son of a farmer from an underprivileged caste kills a rich, upper caste landlord. Will the farm...