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Manasunnodu 2020

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Manasunnodu 2020 Full Movies Watch Online 123movies,Arumpon the offspring of the second son Chandrabose. Arumpon dotes on his sister Thulasi and wants to get her married. But the mystery over her heritage results in h...

V (2020)

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V (2020) Telugu Full Movie 123movies, The showdown between a celebrated cop and a serial killer who challenges the former to nab him, results in consequences laced with heavy-duty action, playful romance and dark humor.

Nenu Naa Nestham (2020)

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Nenu Naa Nestham Full Movie Watch Online 123movies, Shankar an auto driver finds a dog in his rickshaw one day. Feeling repulsive in the beginning, Slowly Shankar starts to warm to the canine. Their emotional bond bec...

Oka Chinna Prema Katha (2020)

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Oka Chinna Prema Katha Full Movie watch Online 123movies, It’s a Telugu romantic film released 2020. This movie directed by Sundeep pagadala and Sundeep Pagadala, Rajeshwari Pamidighantam, Virat Kapoor play as lead ro...

Maithrivanam 2020

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Maithrivanam 2020 Full Movie Watch Online 123movies,One day there is a breaking news about bomb blasts and terrorists in TVs. In slum people. The Police persons and the slum people suspect on two friends for this inci...

College Kumar 2020

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College Kumar 2020 Full Movie Watch Online 123movies,College Kumar is a 2020 Indian bilingual comedy film written and directed by Hari Santhosh. A remake of the 2017 Kannada film of the same name, it was simultaneousl...

Johaar 2020

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Johaar Full Movie Watch Online 123movies, The film revolves around the story of an ordinary rickshaw driver in Bihar who aspires and dreams of providing a maximum possible quality education to his son by making arrang...

Meka Suri (2020)

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Meka Suri Full movie watch online 123movies, The story revolves around Meka Suri, a butcher, who gets married to his love, Rani. However, when Rani gets brutally murdered by a group of people, Meka Suri decides to ave...

Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya

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Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya Full Movie Watch Online 123movies, UMUR, is an upcoming Indian Telugu-language comedy-drama film directed by Venkatesh Maha and starring Satyadev Kancharana and newcomer Hari Chandana. Th...

Powerstar (2020) Telugu Movie

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Powerstar 2020 Telugu Full Movie Watch Online 123movies, movie is all about what happened after Power star lost his elections. a political thriller movie directed by Ram Gopal Varma and will have direct release on RGV...

36 Vayasulo 2020

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36 Vayasulo Full Movie Watch Online 123movies, Vasanthi faces a mid life crisis when her family decides to move to Ireland without her. Having been a responsible daughter-in-law, wife and a mother of a teenager along ...

Gypsy (2020)

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Gypsy Telugu Full Movie Watch Online 123movies, shows the way of "Life of TAMIZH MUSLIMS" till i seen. This movie should be welcomed by every Tamizhans. It also actually portrays the hatred of some sangis towards musl...