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Time Enna Boss (2020) Season 1 Telugu

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Watch Time Enna Boss (2020) Season 1 Online 123movies, Time Enna Boss is a Tamil sitcom that deals with the everyday adventures of an average IT guy, who ends up sharing his apartment with four random time travelers f...

Amaram Akhilam Prema 2020

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Amaram Akhilam Prema Full Movie Watch Online 123movies, A mistake by Akhila tears her apart from her father, who loves her the most. On a journey to win her father back, she meets Amar, a carefree guy who realizes wha...

Watch Online Naa Love Story Modalaindi 2015

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Naa Love Story Modalaindi Telugu Film Information Naa Love Story Modalaindi is a New Tollywood Movie 2015.this is a this is a Comedy Romance Drama Film and Language of this movie is Telugu and Country Indian Film Di...

Sarkar 2018

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Sarkar 2018 Telugu Full Movie Watch Online DVDRIP, Synopsis -  Story Sundar, an international business tycoon, arrives in India to vote in the elections - only to find out that there was foul play and someone else ...

Maghuvalu Matrame 2020

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Maghuvalu Matrame Full Movie Watch Online 123movies,  Prahavati, an independent filmmaker, takes her mother-in-law Gomatha on a surprise trip to reunite her with school friends. A progressive-minded documentary fil...

Bangaru Thalli 2020

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Bangaru Thalli Full Movie Watch Online 123movies, Venba, a brave lawyer, takes the case of`Psycho Jyoti` who is a murder accused. While looking for justice, Venba is also on a quest to fight against child abuse.

Junction lo Jayamalini 2020

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Junction lo Jayamalini 2020 Full Movies Watch Online 123movies,A conversation between a Psychologist and a Patient. The Patient reveals that her dreams are becoming true which rotates her husband. The Drama unveils wh...

Manasunnodu 2020

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Manasunnodu 2020 Full Movies Watch Online 123movies,Arumpon the offspring of the second son Chandrabose. Arumpon dotes on his sister Thulasi and wants to get her married. But the mystery over her heritage results in h...

V (2020)

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V (2020) Telugu Full Movie 123movies, The showdown between a celebrated cop and a serial killer who challenges the former to nab him, results in consequences laced with heavy-duty action, playful romance and dark humor.

Nenu Naa Nestham (2020)

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Nenu Naa Nestham Full Movie Watch Online 123movies, Shankar an auto driver finds a dog in his rickshaw one day. Feeling repulsive in the beginning, Slowly Shankar starts to warm to the canine. Their emotional bond bec...

Oka Chinna Prema Katha (2020)

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Oka Chinna Prema Katha Full Movie watch Online 123movies, It’s a Telugu romantic film released 2020. This movie directed by Sundeep pagadala and Sundeep Pagadala, Rajeshwari Pamidighantam, Virat Kapoor play as lead ro...

Maithrivanam 2020

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Maithrivanam 2020 Full Movie Watch Online 123movies,One day there is a breaking news about bomb blasts and terrorists in TVs. In slum people. The Police persons and the slum people suspect on two friends for this inci...