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Synopsis –  The plot seems fun. Jaswinder Bhalla, who runs a clothes shop and B.N Sharma, who runs a sweet shop, are rivals and constantly try to pull each other down. The twist comes when Misri (Simi Chahal ), the daughter of B.N Sharma and Netta ( Harish Verma), son of Jaswinder Bhalla, fall in love. They elope and that too on the same historic day when ‘notebandi’ happens. Showing how sudden demonization affected many, including this eloped couple, is what brings in the comic twits to this story. The movie seems to be a satirical take on the real life situation during the days of note ban. Let’s see how the director executes it in the final film.

Initial release : April 13, 2018
Director : Ksshitij Chaudhary
Music composed by : Jatinder Shah
Written by : Dheeraj Rattan
Language : Punjabi language

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