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Synopsis : This film tells the story of the friendship of five perempuanu who has a life different. & Kartika Rahayu (agni pratistha) that had been thought that she was a strong woman turns her life suddenly shattered after her fiance abruptly canceled their wedding plans. only Anind (Ira Maya Sopha), aunt of Kartika was finally able to convince and put an end to grief. Anind also managed to invite Tika to Get into his home in order to move on..

Country : Indonesia

Cast : Alexandra Gottardo, agni pratistha, Dea Ananda, Dhea Seto, and Chelsea Islan. In addition to the five course there are many more stars that will shine in the movie & nbsp; Pinky Promise This. Latest movie

Director :  Guntur Soeharjanto

Scheduled to be Release : October 13, 2016 in theaters next Indoneisa.

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