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Synopsis – The movie is a story of Tara whose father wants only Jatts to be a part of Punjab and not another cast people. And Tara on the other hand falls for Mira who belongs to the cast that his father hates the most. Right from mistakenly taking Mira for a jatti, to the funny realization of the truth, to the journey of Mira and her family pretending to be jattas, the story is packed with a number of twists, turns and comedy

Tara Mira is a Punjabi movie starring Ranjit Bawa and Nazia Hussain in prominent roles. It is a drama written & directed by Rajiev Dhingra.

Director: Rajiev Dhingra
Writer: Dheeraj Rattan (screenplay)
Stars: Ranjit Bawa, Nazia Hussain



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