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Gila Jiwa the Movie – Four teenagers obsessed with making a movie with the theme and storyline antimainstream. This is the Omo fourth adolescent who wants to become an actor and producer. Alex, who wants to become a film-maker with a powerful narrative style antimainstream story. Ruben holds that in the film there should be freedom of expression and the belle. And Dea who want to make a film with a story that starts and ends romance…..

RELEASE : April 07,2016(Indonesia)
STARS : Ade Irawan,Andre Hehanussa,Ayushita Nugraha,Bagas Aldy,Dea Annisa,Fauzi Baadila,Feby Syah,Hery Purnomo,Joshua Suherman,Jovial da Lopez,Julia Perez,Nagra Pakusadewo,Nuovo Herman,Ria Irawan,Shadira Marini,Tio Pakusadewo,Tya Arifin
DIRECTOR : Ria Irawan

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