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was browsing for a good aswang story over the net and I stumble upon the story that brings me back to my childhood again, the story of Tiniente Gimo. I never expected that story to be popular but of course, you’re not a full bloodied Ilonggo, even if you’re born and raised here, if you don’t know or at least heard the name, Tiniente Gimo, in my opinion. All of my childhood friends of my age heard the name. It’s probably the most famous of all aswang stories. They even made a local movie out of it. Let me give you a quick recount about it…

Written and Directed by Roland M. Sanchez
Starring John Regala Kate Brios Eliza Pineda Joshua Dionisio Suzette Ranillo Mon Confiado Julio Diaz
Director of Photography / Film Editor – Gilbert Obispo
Production Designer – Sayton Duque
Camera and Post – Outpost Frontier

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