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A lonely 9-year-old boy makes a new friend when he discovers a magical little man inside of a cupboard, but when one of the man’s spells goes awry, the boy’s entire family is shrunk down to four inches in height.
Director : Tim Oliehoek
Writers : Tamara Bos (screenplay), Annie M.G. Schmidt (novel)
Cast : Geza Weisz, Sasha Mylanus, Kee Ketelaar

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Film Story –  Decades ago, when I was about 10 years old, the book Wiplala was one of my favourites; it is still on my book-shelf, a bit worn… Its translation was excellent, I remember, even the verb “tinkelen” was distinctively translated into my native language.So, when I heard about the film, under appropriate opportunity, I decided to introduce its mood and characters to my young relatives and their friends. They liked it, but they told it was unusual to them: no violence, only a few rude words (mild ones),

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